Hows this helmet design...

See here -

Flatpack helmet. Wonder if it would get Australian standards approval?

Link didn’t work. :wink:

Kinda interesting from the view of being able to hire them bikes in Melbourne…

This is the URL on my computer… strange.

Can just type “helmet” into the search box in upper right hand corner of the blog to find it. First result.

Or otehrwise… better pics here anyway

interesting - (couldn’t get the link to work so i did a search)

check this one. Oz standards would love it :smiley:

[i]“TopUp” Walker-Cyclist Protection

“Indeed, the helmets of bicycle do not answer fully waitings of these townsmen.”

“The encountered problem today, is that the sedentary stake is not enough to convince the general public of to carry a helmet during displacements to bicycle”[/i]

I wonder if he talks like this down the pub.