HPRW Track Carnival - SAT 26th OCTOBER

HPRW Track Carnival - SAT 26th OCTOBER

If anyone’s keen to head out for a look, lets get organised.

This is the first open track event HPRW have run for a fair while apparently, so it’d be good to get along and show some support.

Racing starts at 3pm.

I finish work at 5pm in the valley, so I’m going to smash across for a 5.30pm departure from Planet Cycles in the gabba. A quick stop for some tins on the way and all things being well we should see the better scratch races and the handicap events. If you’re keen to go but don’t want to wait around then I’ll see you there. And no you’re not really supposed to drink there, but if you’re not a cock about it no one minds.

If you want to ride out BRING LIGHTS. We’ll head out old cleveland rd, and there are some very dark parts. generally plenty of shoulder though so game on!

Sweet poster.

Yes agree on the artwork, I persuaded the organiser to produce some t shirts of it, not sure how many but less than 50 available, I have my name on one;-)
At the final count there were over 140 on the start list, the list of events is on the CQ site.
After the first two track carnivals this year, both with numbers up, track is alive and kicking arse.
There is even a suggestion they may now be keeping the Chandler track when they are building the new one, Nerang is also getting a major facelift.

Poached from that poster competition? Was that run by fyxo?

Hoooahhhh that’s awesome, it makes so much sense to keep chandler as is (except budgetary), so that’s awesome, and good to hear numbers are up (contrary to popular belief), there were 23 rolling around in B last night, good time to get on board, a 2014 licence is available and certainly good value

original poster source?

edit: waybackmachine to the rescue again, this comp for 2012 track worlds?

This was as close as I could find.

so I guess I’ll just assume you’re all just creepin on this and there’ll be an excellent crew of people to ride out with!

and the programme of events along with the riders form…n handicaps.

I’ll ride with you Scotty :slight_smile:

Kath and the girls are going to drive out because Eleanor wants to give you a cupcake.

See you at 5:30 at Planet.