HTC chacha mobile phone

Yeah it’s not bike related but can’t be arsed with ebay ATM.
It’s a phone, it can make calls, it can send txt’s it can probably send sext’s as well if that floats your boat.
It can even display a certain website so you never have to be out of touch again (until rolly trips over the power cable that is).
It’s even got a facebook button so you can accidentally post noodz straight to facebook (unless you’re rolly and have forsworn facebook of course)
It’s perfectly functional though there are quite a few cosmetic scratches on the body but the screen has had a film on it and should be fine.
phone has vodafone software but is unlocked
2gb SD card included.
MrsFROG complained battery life was not too flash and it has limited internal memory which means you have to clear the cache regularly.
more info here
HTC ChaCha Product Overview
AC charger, data cable, and silicone case included.

my local beauty parlour can do a hair-free chacha for $30

price drop
Now at a new, low, hair free price of $30