Hub TA to QR adaptors?

Question about front hubs - If I wanted to run a thru axle front wheel in a QR fork, would you use a TA to QR adaptor on a permanent basis, or are they a bit shit house?

For example, if I had a 12x100 or 15x100 wheel and used an appropriate QR adaptor, would you?
Or just get the right hub in the first place?

Thinking dynamo front hub Fred setup and wondering if I should just buy a 12x100 TA hub for future proofing…

Never heard anything bad about the adapters, I’d say go for it.

ive used adapters for a long time without issue, i stil, prefer qr

Okay thanks for the responses. Sounds like I’ll give an adaptor a go, I was just concerned adding another component to the hub might create ‘play’ and wobble… let the fred wheelset build begin!