I need some help with converting a road wheel into a track wheel. I have a set of around the 2003 shamals which are road wheels at the moment. I have been thinking of converting them into track wheels.

The only problem is, the rear hub is a 16 spoke hub. Do they make track hubs for this spoke count? If so what are they?

Or my alternative is to get new decals put on them and sell them. Anyone know of anywhere good to get decals or anyone interested in buying them?


or you could lace a 32h hub at every second hole.

do you have a pic to share?

would it be strong enough if you laced it every second hole?

hopefully the picture works. not sure what my best option is?

Are you going to use them on the track?

yeah wanna use them on the track and thats all. Do you have a suggestion? :smiley:


sell them, because you’ll have no where to attach your spoke cards

I was hoping you weren’t going to use them on the street.

I reckon lacing them to 32h hubs would be strong enough, but what do I know?

Get White Industries hubs.

some high end hubs must offer custom hole drillings.

maybe i will have to race them with spoke cards in them :sunglasses:

does anyone know where i could get custom drilling done?

Also what is rotafix?

Thanks for everyones help too!! :smiley:

Phil Wood do hubs with custom spoke hole drilling. You tell them how many holes you want, they make the hub for you.

Contact CTA in Sydney. Not cheap.

White Industries also do custom drilling.

It’s probably a fair assumption that custom drilling is available on high end hubs and it costs more (eg, WI, Phil, Chris King).

it all sounds like its going to be very expensive, so maybe i will just sell the wheels instead.

its going to be the cheaper option.

will see how much drilling is though.

thanks for everyones help!

anyone wanna buy some shamals?


I am pretty sure Miche do hubs in low spoke counts as well. There should eb a pair to suit the Shamals there. If Commuter don’t take em off your hands, i might.

Hey Mason. I can get you a Miche 16 hole for about $160. Just let me know at training on Sunday.

Cool, will do!

How much would i also be looking at for the new skewers? (i know they are not called this, but not sure what they are? :oops:

just wanna see how much its going to cost me before i do it all.