Doing a wheel build, and I keep running into brick walls. Finally settled on rims and a wheel builder, but don’t know what hubs to go with. Im going to run Hplusson FF and SL42, so I want something that will give a good ride, and look decent, bit nothing too flash, i.e. no campys or phil woods. I mostly commute and distance ride, so I was thinking of just going with standard formulas, but that seems a tad boring. I have my eye on Dia Compe Gran Compes (I’ve seen that these may just be restamped Formula th-30s. Anyone confirm that?), or possibly even Dura Ace 7600s. Any advice on anything I’ve rambled on about would be appreciated.

I just built up the same wheelset with some Miche Primato hubs for a friend. They come in either high flange or low. Look pretty good, nice quality and can be had off eBay for not too many coins.

Miche Primato Track Pista Fixed Gear Hubs SILVER 32 h | eBay

I it a pair of 24h nos superbe pros you can have pretty cheap

i have miche primato and while good hubs, the italian threading limits choices/availability on lockrings.

Primatos are nice but the stock bearings don’t hold up long if you ride in wet and filth, not a big deal to replace 'em when the time comes.

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Miche is definately good bang for buck. I would recommend going no lower than 32H (3-cross patterning) on the rear - sorry Kanye - and getting high flange hubs to build stronger wheels that will mean less wheel maintenance and fewer (if any) broken spokes.

I built a set of Primato 36H x DT Swiss Champion 2.0mm x Deep V for my ‘commuter’ bike. They are not light but are totally bombproof. I have not had to true them in the three years I have had them. Had no problem with the bearings and I often ride them in the wet. I might replace them in the next couple of months as there is a little bit of crunch in them now. My only gripe with the Miche hubs is that their lockrings are pox. I have broken two this year. So get yourself a Campy or Phil Wood one instead.

But you know if you’re getting a pretty standard (cheapish) wheelset I would definately consider buying an off the shelf set of wheels - such as Miche Pistard clincher wheelset. They are super cheap from a E-tailer like Wiggle or Evans. And just pay a good local wheelbuilder to retune them for you once they arrive.

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ill vouch for miche hubs… had my back wheel on the miche rim that comes stock with the pistard set replaced with an open pro and its such a good, light back wheel… definately get a decent lock ring, i had the same problems with mine

Thanks for the offer, dude. i’d love to roll a pair of those, but I already got a set of 32h rims.

Thanks for the HELP guys. Sorry I posted in the wrong spot. Not too computer savvy.

I really like the gran compe hubs. I’ve been riding my set daily for a number of years and they still spin nicely.

Agreed, they are soft like plastic.

I still have nightmares about removing a Mice bottom bracket from a frame after the tool melted it like soft cheese…

Dia compe make their own hubs. ie, the Gran Compe is not a re-branded formula.
and they are excellent. i’ve had a pair on my daily for about 2.5 years now and zero issues whatsoever.
i definitely recommend them. good price, good quality.

edit: here’s a not particularly amazing photo of my Gran Compe hubs/SL42 rims on my old bike.

To be fair to the Primatos my commute includes 20k or so each way of bayside path covered in salty, fine, wet sand a lot of the time. Stock bearings lasted less than a year, replaced 'em with some fancy double-labyrinth “Phil-spec” thingies that are still going strong (on my brother’s bike now) gotta be 5 years now.

and yeah, another +1 on the lock rings.