Human Powered

The Age has an article about Bill today if anyone’s interested.

Or check out the website at

Good bloke and a good cause. It’s been a couple of years since I saw him but I’m sure he’s still a good bloke.

that guys great, after reading the heated finacial reveiw debate prior it was nice to see someone who has the right idea, build bikes ride bikes share bikes, and hopefully slow the decent of the world into a stinkin craphole, more of this guy

I saw that article this morning and yeah, it piqued my interest. I’ve bookmarked the home page for later reference. The pictures of the furniture removal bike are pretty funny!

Thx for the link snowflake. It’s inspiring to read about people who have these sorts of epiphanies and realise they should attempt to do something good.

Thumbs up.

any idea if he’s looking for helpers?
maybe I should just shoot him an email.

Great guy and great work too.

Saw that article today- yeah good on him I reckon. Cycling world needs more people like him.

Don’t believe the hype.

“Don’t believe the hype” is hype.