Hutch Superbike

How awesome is this thing!!

Hutch HPV Superbike MINT Condition Show Bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Carlton

Oh wow, I’ve wanted one of these since I saw one on lasertits.

holy shit that is so fucking ace.

We need more bikes like that in the world. Brilliant !!!

I want for parking garage gravity racing!

Paging gypo it could make a nice wet weather commuter.

looks like a hood ornament.

That was my favourite activity ever (during daylight hours) from when I was about 9 to about 16 years old. Back in the day shopping centre’s weren’t open on Sunday’s and we’d take over, mark a course and lose a lot of skin and teeth whilst setting new benchmarks for bravery and stupidity. Bike and skateboard. Those were fun times.

Still to this day I think I’d kick everyone’s ass on a downhill run !!!

i’m calling it another nigerian scam, same as the $2100 moots on there last week with clincher zipp 404’s and full carbon campy.

there was a 1400 Moots f/s with sids, xtr… now GONE

Back on topic, I love the seatpost mounted tail piece that serves no purpose other than to look like a sbk!