Hyundai reveals rag-top Veloster

Think we seen this abomination already

see the date on that article Jamie?


In Jamie’s defense, the thread is dead

fuck, it was only a few weeks ago. and no, i didn’t look at teh date. it just showed up in a stupid Recommended section at the bottom of another article.
anyway, at least im as behind the times as putting a spok-addled fixety bike in a car promo shoot these days. everybody knows you you should only include $12000+ road bikes to accompany your car ads in 2013.

totally correct

Yes, but did the previous thread have a sweet sweet title like ‘Hyundaipster’?

I’ve yet to see a muddy cx bike go into the back of the next urban/poseur, SUV.

how the shit do you open that right rear door?!

[RIGHT][/RIGHT]an old plum dude at Brads Brissie cx event mounted up his cross bike on/in his convertible corvette in a similar fashion with the use of some suction cups on the boot lid… was boss as fuk

You’ve never seen benzy’s beemer.

Saw a CX bike sticking out the front of a sky blue mustang coupe about 10 days ago, told the driver he was everything i wanted to be.

yeah, but bikes don’t really belong in cars at all…

comes with potatoes but

Honda is getting on the sweet fixxxay bandwagon too - Honda’s hipster concept car

oh my…