I can't believe these are actually made and people buy them

Products Description – ORIGIN-8

gawd, they are so fredly (or is it hubbardly?)

sadly I dont know if they take the cake on that monstrosity, WTF.

So thats where all the spacers went!

So you’re telling me I can has bullhorns and drops?!

Nice hoods

It’s bad enough that they’re bolt on drops, but ergos?

Holy shit that’s a lot of spacers.

I want these.

simple way of getting a 29er through as a cx bike.

This is the real tragedy, IMO.

Freds gon’ fred.

Hubbards gon’ hubb

I like the idea that you can go from flat bar to drops depending on your mood

I guess that’s why drop bars have a “top” or “flat” section, that mimics the flat section of a flat bar.

Ah, but you don’t get the associated weight savings! (actually these things look to weigh a ton, but whatever…)

At least they’re easier to turn upside down, DUI-styleeeee.

you can have drops with extra drops

yo dawg, I heard you liked drop bars so we…