i dont get it....

please explain…

I don’t understand why people don’t just fit a standard drop bar brake lever either, but fashion rules supreme…



tubulars on the road without a support car. :roll:

Mtn. bike lever for brake coupled to Dura-Ace single pivot caliper.

I bet his brake is really workin out for him, huh.

don’t v-brake levers have more pull than side-pull? I would have thought his brakes would be pretty effective

Linear pull pulls more cable with less leverage so he’ll have good pad-rim clearance but poor stopping power. Unless it’s a canti lever.

I used some Hayes V brake levers with Shimano dual pivot calipers and they worked beautifully.

Avid V brake lever to shimano 600 dual pivot caliper (front). It works … even on my non-machined deep V.


Ditto… Shimano V brake lever to Weinmann single pivot. Works better than the cross lever I used to have on it.

I use a bmx lever with a cable disc brake, and it works fine, you just have to whale on the lever if you wanna stop stop.