i don't know what handlebars to get

ok, so i’ve got some B123AA’s and i love them but they’re really uncomfortable to ride street with. i want to get a bar that rises slightly, i.e. not flat flat… but i want to steer well clear of those ridiculous high rise bars that look like they below on chopper bikes.

i’m looking at the B245AA’s but they’ve got backsweep.

thoughts? thanks

Give Eric @ GEAR a call, he just got in some Nitto B201AA small rise and no sweep.


Go get some bargain bin bars. No point spending heaps of cash on nitto bars to find out you hate the shape of them…

I dunno :? there’s a lot to be said for a good set of bars, FLEX for one, good bars will always feel more solid.

+1 thats what i did and lucky choped dem down wayyy to short hipster style and tried again and got it right, not just about the rise and sweep also about length.

get bullhorns :mrgreen: