I drive a car a lot but some people give me the shits, Rant.

Now i don’t want to start a car Vs bike thingy,

Just wanted to have a rant and vent my anger,

Normally i don’t let any cars get to me, I’m just happy to get home safe “I have had two major accidents in the past”. But today this 50 something fat dick cut me off in the bike box twice on bridge road just so he could swing in and get his Shit takeaway coffee,

When i mentioned politely if he could be more aware of the bike box he told me to go fuck myself and started on about “you people not paying a cent for the roads”

I know i should have just kept riding home, but i didn’t, I’m not one for violence as people get killed for very small things. “and as i not that tough but can take some punches ;)”

So i just pointed out to him that if you go around swearing at people someone is likely to key your car or put urine in your air vents “seriously the smell will never go away from your air con”
after his response was to get in my face i wished him all the best in his twilight years and to enjoy them before his health gives in.

Chances are that the Silver BMW Driver will never understand but i just had to have a rant.

I don’t know if if was the lack of food in my system or i was just being a little bit self rightest, but i’m trying not to have discussions with drivers i know it doesn’t do any good. i have to keep telling myself not to stop just go home.

After that though, just around the corner a 8 month old baby girl; gave me a huge smile and made the world seem nicer.

End rant, Sorry. Mods feel free to delete this at any time it was just that no one was home so i had to type it :slight_smile:

amen. i have shit rides all the time now, due to cars driving dangerously and cutting me off. but as soon as i get to the cbd theres schoolgroups of kids who are always like “ooooohhh look at the beautiful bike” “cool bike mister” “awww”

yeh good work for not smashin his head in.

shouldve fucken belted the ₪₪₪₪.
some dipshit rocked a u-turn infront of our truck this morning after overtaking us. we almost rolled it as a result of swerving to avoid the dumb ₪₪₪₪. i honestly dont know how some people get by in day to day life.

people who drive BMW’s are cocks, Top Gear official fact.
it’s a shame really because most beemers are utterly brilliant cars… but i digress

now here’s why this keeps happening, Australia has some of the worst driver training requirements in the developed world and our road toll reflects this.

and by the way, next time some penisberg tries to argue that we don’t pay a cent for the roads, remind him that most of us have cars too and we also pay tax (well, kinda) like everyone else… we also don’t kill other people if we crash, we really just damage ourselves.

but nice rant, i would have kicked his mirror off, called him a useless ₪₪₪₪ and left

And of course, registration only pays for the registration system, not the building and maintenance of roads. The ‘not paying a cent for the road’ argument is nonsense.

Haha yes. Taxes and rates pay for the roads - which we all pay regardless of whether we ride or drive.

I’m still trying to understand their huge problem with bikes, besides their false ‘we don’t pay a cent for the roads’.
I was at my boyfriends family lunch, and his uncle kept on openly complaining about how all these ‘hooligan bike riders’ kept mashing it down his hill, and that they go as fast as a car and they’ll hit his kid. He proceeded to laugh and said how the next time they rode down he was going to throw a handful of thumbnails and that’ll ‘stop em’.
I couldn’t help it, and I probably silenced the whole lunch but I let out a ‘you fucking idiot, you think cars kill or injure less people than bicycles?’
Needless to say, I think I made things awkward with the family for a little while.

Sorry you had to sit through that but good on you for putting him in his place.

I’ve also met some people who have no logical base for their hatred of cyclists on roads. I berate them willingly, just the facts maam, and they quickly understand how silly and at odds with reality they have been. Their is much ignorance out there and it’s for our benefit to set them straight.

I think you were very reasonable Snail. I let loose in a disgraceful manner when somebody in the wrong talks back.

Congratulations Fausto; there must be consequences for saying stupid things like that. Some might say they’re just words, but the concept behind the words hits critical mass and subconsciously becomes acceptable.

I think he got it eventually, and I had to speak to him afterwards and explain why I was so abrupt in my comment. My mother was of the like for a while, but I assumed it was road rage, she constantly would call out to them to get a fucking license until I reminded her, that I refrained from getting a license and I do infact… ride a bike too!
All folks who slander bicycles are generally uninformed arrogant morons, because when one thinks logically they understand the many reasons for riding a bike over driving another metal coffin.
Rant over.

I’ve done the same thing with my girlfriends Dad, but not a sudden outburst, just a good slow shutdown of his arguments to the point where he changed the subject completely.
It is almost ‘cool’ to hate on cyclists, so I have no problem putting these people in their place.

so it’s cool to be a moron? i guess everyone is trying to be cool these days

Yeah, you were probably smarter than I. Less awkward, but also less fun when you look back on it!