Yes. I went to someone’s garrage today. He sells stuff in his garrage, 95% of old bikes. I found five not bad looking bikes today, and guess what, he had hips of old hubs and cranks, cassetts, wheels. 1h30m was too short for me to get what i want. I;m going in few days to get what i really want.

at the momment i found,

Eagle cycle
Monte Carlo
Malvern star
Ramo something

oppps. its not five. it’s 10 of them i guess?

sugino with numbers. 5 75 something iguess it is sugino 75
old shimano’ssssssss

There are hips others that i didn;t check.

hips of araya rims with hubs.

There are many but i found some suzue, shimano, etc…

I got few questions.
1/ how do you rid off rust on the frame

                         2/ should i get new wheels or can i just rebuild the 
                             wheel with old rims and hubs with new spokes?

                         3/ Can you see any outstanding frame on the list of
                             what i have found? i have no idea about these old 
                             frame brands. at the momment Repco is at most  
                             clean condition

How much did he want for the Sugino’s??

Sorry, no answers for you.

probably $3.00

i asked him a wheel with 5 hubs, and he said $15

get it?

probably $3.00

i asked him a wheel with 5 hubs, and he said $15

get it?[/quote]

Sugino 75’s for $3???
I will send you the $ if he has a spare set.

Cough Eh hem? Would you be interested in giving up the address of this veritable Aladin’s treasure? Actually where are you, Vic, Qld…? Either way same goes as TR, I’ll send you some $ for you to get some stuff as in cranks and hubs…


YOU can give me the list of what you want and if i find it when i go next time, i can send it to you only if i find it.

Sugino 75’s.

HOw much would you give me if i find one?

cause, there are too many stuffs there and to find sugino 75,

it could be bitch to find it.

Seconded for the 75’s. And also any Campy or Suntour hubs would be nice thankyou. Oh also these hips you speak of, if they are stainless then I’ll grab a set, I’ll be needing those in a few years me thinks :wink: jokes

I’ll help you look. AND I’ll help you get rust off a frame. If you tell me where this place is :slight_smile:

  • Joel

56cm square frame, track geometry. Anything rideable… Happy to refurbish if it’s scruffy.

165mm Track crankset.


PeanutJelly…just reading through the list there does appear to be some ‘exceptional’ bargins amoungst the list. Some of the frames you mentioned could be great, might pay to check to see if there is a frame material label on any of them. Basically, if something looks clean/nice/old…you should buy it. Even if you don’t want it, advertise on this forum and I am sure you will make your own money back, and some money for your time (finders fee).

What bike are you riding at the moment?

or invite me along ?!


  • Joel

I’m not riding fixie at the momment, but i will get one soon as you know.
Anyway, i am riding Kona scab with solid fork on speedo tyre.

I will spend some time on this weekend since i am busy at school.
probably all saturday to find what i want and probably what you want.

I will take hips of photos to show what i have and will list on this forum
soon, and if you have what you want on the list, i will prbably send it with
little finding fees.

and i got a question, how much should I pay for a frame with a fork with handlebar, without wheels on it? they are all about 15years old at least, probably up to 30 years i guess.

I paid $180 for a complete bike minus wheels and saddle.
I have since seen a similar “bike” for $80.

I think that’s too much.

As i mentioned before, this guy was saying that he want $100 for two complete bikes. But i think i wouldn;t get the wheels. I probably pay him about $30 each for frame without wheels on it. so i think i might buy 10 bikes which will make up to $300.oo, and will get a big box of hubs and chaning rings for about $40.oo i guess.

I think i am a bit of rip off, but what do y gonna do? :roll:

pass it along to the next local I guess. I can help you identify and value things if you’re afraid of being ripped off. I live in Canberra.

  • Joel