"I get looks everywhere. "

Yeah, but what sort of looks?!


Props for having a go at building it up, but nothing matches?! And how does he even sit on it? :?

Looks like ‘gee that guys bike looks messed up :expressionless: What’s doing with the seat?’

"Definitely not bad for free… "

I have to disagree.

“and some persistence and work and you got a nice bike!!”

Where??? :? I guess if you are sitting on it you can’t see it.

That bike has to be taking the piss, it just has to be!

Probably gunning for a spot on Bikesnob.

I so had painted blade spokes on a 16spoke front before that dude, sigh, no ones original…

Gayest stem EVA

I’d love to see this dude rip some mad skids with that back wheel in peak hour traffic. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: