I got a Surly!

Maybe body kit on a Hyundai Excel is a better example

TC: I <3 Daihatsu Charades.

street kit = fail
race kit = win


Ha ha ha I knew the tire discussion would go off like this. We used to drive around in Starlets with bodykits and sick mags so I know the feel.
I actually held the same sentiments as droz on the gumwalls. But time will tell. Have always liked Bruce Gordons but everyone rates Nanos.

I should’ve made it more clear in the original post but the Surly’s going to be on simple CX duty for the next couple of months. Not really intended to be a do-it-all bike for the moment - just shredding the trails that are super close to my house (couple of mountains etc <3km way). Still have the Chesini set up with racks and Record Triple (with double chainring a la WCP) for commuting/touring. It was just real sluggish riding single track etc.

So regarding everyone else’s advice -

Cranks - I might actually turf the WI cranks like you said Mike. Some googling suggests that they might not work as 1x10 afterall. Might just run Campy Compact and eventually take apart the Veloce shifter and fix it, I have a reasonable idea of what’s wrong with it. Been meaning to try smaller TA rings for a bit so they’ll probably help with gear range.

Hubs/Cassette - think i’m pretty set on a Campy setup for several reasons. The main reason being that my other bikes are all Campy and it would be nice to be able to switch around if I need to or whatever. I could try the Shimergo with a cheaper set of wheels but not too sure about it yet.
The biggest part of this build was using what I already have and spend as little as possible on extra stuff like derailleurs.

Might go for Record hubs ($230 on Wiggle right now), and a 12-30 cassette. H Plus Son Archetypes it is.

As to tubeless - never thought about it, dunno if I’m into it yet TBH.

Lorday i’ll PM you about rims.


Picked up the frame from my mates who just got back from Tassie. Waiting on a headset to start building it up! Haven’t dealt with 1⅛ headsets since I built up my bmx, should be delightfully straightforward.

Thinking the stem drop might be a bit too hectic , but will have to see when built up. Constructeur only had the -17 version. Who else apart from VO makes nice 1⅛ stems with 26mm bar clamp?

tiny headtube on a CC will almost certainly be too much drop.

flip yo stem :wink:

nitto, dimension, IRD… take offs from surly completes, old 3t, PRO, ritchey…

Mouche, I’ve got a stem from my Surly complete you can have. I think it’s a 110 or 120.



unless you are very wierdly proportioned you’ll likely have to unslam-that-stem and resort to purchasing spacers in bulk.

or get an ultra super boner stem like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Got to get that NJS stamp for maximum 2009 internet points.

^ Since when are threadless steerers NJS approved?

stem’s been njs approved since ~2012.

Yeah, seeing an NJS stamp on a threadless stem is strange! Build’s going on the backburner for a bit - going to be in Melbourne of a week and then have busy times as soon as I return. Will be a slow one.

I’m surprised no one jumped at the willing to consider shimergo comment. That’d be the cheapest option
Cheap hubs, 8sp cassette and chain. You’d need a Shimano RD but could put an old MTB one on for cheap and run a wider range cassette with your 1x. My CX bike is 38t ring to 11-32 and it’s pretty versatile. With 35mm slicks I wanted to hear up to a 42t but swapped the tyres back instead.
For what it’s worth I’ve got 40mm Clement MSOs for general purposes and 42mm Conti something-kings for muddy cross races. Happy with both.
Lastly, if you’re looking at wheels still check out VO hubs. They’re an easily serviceable freehub design (like Hope) that has the dual benefits of being able to pull the whole freehub and cassette off by hand to get to a broken spoke (not a huge advantage really), and being super easy to swap between campy and Shimano. I’m not sure if they do 135mm OLD though?

Just had a thought:
I’ve got a pair of veloce 10sp shifters, but the right one is stuffed. They’re about 2013 model, so the ones without all the clicks.
If you think you can use them they’re yours for the grand total of a tallie plus postage.
Lemme know, I can send pics.

Hey guys ^ fuark, I totally managed to miss your comments.

Thanks LukeP! I’m going to look into VO hubs. Still toying with the idea of Shimergo-ing it, but having Campy compatible wheels for the future seems more sensible for me at the moment.

Heavy, I’ll get in touch.


Got back to this bike after being in Melbourne, being sick and being a bit broke.

Have Thomson stem and post to put on, staying with the Nitto Noodles. Paul brakes are on front and rear. Going with either 1x or Campy compact cranks.
Going to make a final decision on hubs this week, have Archetypes waiting to be built up!
Final piece will be tires - probably WTB Nanos, Bruce Gordon isn’t emailing me back.

Bought Ambrosio Zenith (rebranded Novatecs) today. Most accounts rate them well, some people say the bearings go a bit dry after a while, but I can live with that.

Settled on based on a few factors, affordability being the biggest one. Sealed bearings for maintenance and longetivity, I can upgrade the apparently shit stock ones easily enough. One of the few cheaper hubs with Campy freehub option, and they look nice enough.

Talked to the LBS about building them up, that whole process will cost just a bit more than the rims and hubs combined…

Do it yourself time? There’s a bloke with a nice wheel building jig in the Canberra area…

I built a few track and BMX wheels when I was younger but don’t really trust myself with proper road/cross wheels. I don’t have the attention span, patience or finesse! Mostly I don’t have time!
I really like my LBS though, they always help out with discounts and just great service so I don’t mind paying them for proper work at all.