i had a good idea for a topic

but fuck it!!!

all forums have a durnk thread WOO

drunk on life here :smiley:
yo pip you still want that white vinyl i said i’d float your way?
i could get it to you via sagan/hamish

I got to work so early today i had to wait for my pass to work at 630am.

ive got a 24/7 pass, which im hoping to utilise one day when im in the city at 3am and need to take a dump.

A key to an old rental always works a treat as well…

i have one too… very very useful when your office is in the cbd, has water coolers and hot chocolate/tea/coffee.

whilst overseas i also did a large amount of alleycat promotional material creation out of hours in our well stocked office supplies room. :smiley:

I used to have a 24/7 pass for my work. This one time two people went up and had sex on someone’s desk at 4am.

and here i was thinking this thread would be a flop.

i’ve gotta get a pass to somewhere.

Swipe cards are good - before they came out you had to remember the alarm code.

I had a bad experience 20 odd years ago with punching in the wrong code after a big night out and setting the alarm off.

I Knew the security co. would be only a few minutes away so I took the bolt over the back fence.

To be met by 2 German Shephard guard dogs.

The beginning and the end of the story is not for public viewing.

My other pass is 24hour, but thats only for a depot out in the northern suburbs which has a warehouse with the smoothest concrete floor anyone has ever rolled on…well i assume anyone has ever rolled on.

car showroom floors are pretty awesome
flat smooth painted concrete.

I learnt something about gaffa on painted concrete too… it pulls all the paint off…

Go ooooon…