I hate conversions.... I really really hate conversions

Colnago Master Light Gilco Design Art Decor Road Bike | eBay

Nice road frame + single speed parts = a fucking waste

And for $3000 ?! Must be having a laugh.

this one has been doing the rounds for some time.

Brake lever fail.

I made an offfer.

$13.76, and in the additional terms “Or your mum”

I hear the “Niko Tetronic stems” are really good…

Hahahahaha, I got a reply:

“Sorry, bike not for sale to bogans. Get a real job, move out of Coburg and you might be able to afford a bike like this…one day. Dreamer.”

Little does he know, I have an unreal job, in Coburg… I do dream, every single night. And I wouldn’t want his ugly waste of a bike if it was for free. (unless i was to part it out to pay for a real bike)

please mail him a picture of your stable and a length of rope.

unleash the Max!


c’mom now, i can tie a real good thirteen loop noose

Isnt this the bike the 50 plus crowd chucked together in that shop punt road / toorak where they “learnt to build custom fixies”

Seller will no doubt be at the swap meet haggling the crap out of people, you might meet him coffee.

He can talk… he lives in Healesville !

This is too funny. I wish it were an auction as it’d be fun to bid it up to a zillion dollars.