I have sold everything I own!

I am so fecking pumped it is out of this world - recently I have just sold my vinyl and cd collection, my hillbrick, and a old track frame, all of my spare parts, tee shirts, artwork, spotted my da for money, and completed my tax return and I now have nothing left from all my wheeling and dealing.

I am gonna be selling anything that aint bolted to the ground to pay my rent this month… food aint an issue as i will just go through the bins at coles!!!

But what I have done with that cash is bought myself a keirin rap frame, and all NJS components and sent it all off to my new best mate Dan at Shifter to help me bring this little beauty to life!!!

I have though forgot to take photos so now I need to wait until she is built up to show you guys, but I just needed to share as the excitment is unfeckingbelivable and I am pissingmypantswithjoyatthethoughtofmyfirstride!!

I am going to push her home the first run I think!!!


Are you sharing the joy with me???

happy happy joy joy.

ETR(ide) for this beauty

Belongs @ DISC

if i bribe Dan with beer and love i might just get her on the weekend - fingers crossed - any chance of spotting me a fiver for a sarnie?

No wucken forries