i love you hincapie

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Want! But would settle for a carrera denim bib instead. Anyone got some they want to sell?

i kinda want too.

we all want.

definite want.

Needs a leather jersey to go with it.

group buy?

Was it just one of those concept things or would there be a chance of it actually being made in large numbers?

it says email if you want some.

i reckon they’d respond well to an email telling them that a bunch of fixie hipsters are keen…

doesnt matter what it was. We want! im sure it can be done with enough encouragement

go on then.

I had a pair of Denim-print knicks sometime in the 90’s (?). Mates ragged on me mercilessly, and rightly so.

Everything old is new again.

I stock the team kit, will ask what a minimum run is and the cost.
I know the hincapie custom numbers are 10 units of each minimum.
They would in theory be about $200 a pair.
I was thinking a flanno print jersey to got under the bibs so they look all hillbilliy.


Evan, this is amazing.

Mckenny would buy a set to wear when he rides his chewin’ terbaccy Lynskey.

if this happens im so in…

hellz yes. Serve me up a big slice o’ Hincapie pie.

Or you could go to Supre, get some jeggings and stick a maxi pad in there for some padding.

these are fucking hideous, they make me want to kill puppies and cry

Oh shit, don’t give us ideas like that.

Brendan’s been there, done that. (can’t comment on the maxi)

Raced the BCC club champs in them and a Propagandhi shirt.

(I never knew they were called jeggings though, sounds like a sex act)