I nearly hurt my bike last night...

I had a crash last night, cross winds and badly retro-fitted man hole covers make a bad combination for a little person like me!

I was pretty dazed and now have some nice grazes, bruises and sore muscles, but hey, my bike is fine! No buckled wheels, the brake is still good, handlebars and seat still pointing the right way…I need a new helmet though - visible impact site on the shell and 3 nice sized cracks visible in the foam surrounding the impact site. Oh and I had only just re-adjusted my helmet about 10 minutes prior to crashing.

Thank goodness my husband was with me at the time and helped get me and the bike off the road (and there were no cars around at that point). A woman saw it happen from her front yard so she fetched me some ice for my head and nice cold water to sip.

I feel lucky but sore today. Be safe out there!

My girl got hit by another cyclist yesterday, wasn’t watching where he was going. She took a pretty good tumble by all accounts, ended up on grass though, which is the best you can hope for.
He was terribly apologetic. She didn’t tell him that she’s a lawyer, I thought she should have, just to put the fear of god into him.

never fun crashing. heal fast Fi

+1! Glad you and the bike are ok to ride another day :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It was a real shock for my husband to see it all unfold and not be able to do anything about it.

Cellardoor, I’m glad your girl is ok, grass would have been nice to fall on last night instead of road.

On the bright side I got to have chocolate ice cream tonight!

Get well soon