I need a god damn brake. .

Hey ah,

Does anybody have a front brake I can borrow for Sunday? Obviously needs to have a lever attached.

You’ll be rewarded with either a wristy or a barracuda - whatever works for you.


cheeky temporary sticky for maximum chance of success

Is a barracuda like a reacharound?

Not really, more commonly know as ‘the ole barracuda’ or maybe the ‘Dutch barracude’.

From Urban Dictionary (in the interests of work avoidance)


  1. An extremely vicious, carnivorous, streamlined fish that can attack with blinding speed and razor-sharp teeth.

  1. A muscle car/pony car produced by Plymouth in the 60s and early 70s. For 1970-71, the Barracuda was available with 426 Street Hemi, making it (arguably) the most fearsome Detriot supercar ever produced. Today, Barracudas (especially convertibles) are highly prized among collectors.

  1. or choose any others from this list

(no pic available)

ummm, slightly more PC than CC.

I’d settle for a fish.

ah, the ol’ “two in the pink, one in the stink with a trigger”.

Is there a precedent for mods modding their own threads? :evil:

yeh, you’re lucky I didn’t delete your post.

Why the sudden need for brakeage this sunday Heatseeker?

Just means I can run the 56 x 14 gear for the alleycat and put the hurt in.

C’mon, somebody has to be able to do without a brake for a couple of hours.

self-modded, in the interests of public decency (and three more minutes of work avoidance :wink:)

I do have a working brake-cable-lever setup somewhere in the spares cupboard but I’ll be around the general vicinity of Bayside all weekend.

have brakeless bike will travel. let me know if you can locate it.


What reach caliper/s? And nutted or recessed?

What’s your bar diameter for the lever? You want drop lever? Or flatbar style?

I’ve got options that fit most of those categories. I could bring one to Brunswick tomorrow depending on those requirements. (I’m assuming it’s a front brake you’re after). Also, you break it, you bought it.

whoa whoa whoa, so many questions.

just standard road type caliper will do. Don’t worry about the bar diameter either, I have a Corn Flakes box at home.

Wristy or Barracuda?

Well, that’s the problem, there’s a couple of standards. Anyway, I’ll bring a few options in and we’ll see what works. PM’ing you my address.

And I’m kind of old-fashioned, so a wristy is more my style.

If it doesn’t work out with kev, send me a PM and I’ll sort you out.

Thanks for all the offers. Is anybody close to the city or Richmond by some chance?

Could also grab it quickly before the race on Sunday.

Have you access to a printer? :lol: