I need a new place to live, help me out.

Hi all

I need to find somewhere to live in the next 5 weeks (but sooner rather than later if possible). Currently in Thornbury and would consider moving anywhere between there and the CBD, but also out to Brunswick West or Abbotsford in the other direction. Very much open to offers if you know of somewhere though!!

Budget up to about $750 MAX but i’d LOVE to find something cheaper than that obviously. if at all possible, somewhere to store bikes would make me cry with joy.

i’m a nice guy. I’m clean. i will tidy up after myself. i am unlikely to invite loads of people over and party for days at a time). you can use the limited amount of tools i have. i’ll probably be out a fair bit and hopefully away for weekends at a time doin cool shit.

i have a new fridge and front loader washing machine and some various other stuff.

if you know of anyone looking for a housemate etc, please let me know, or just generally keep an ear out for me, i’d be massively appreciative (i might even invite you over for a delicious beer!!).

i have excellent rental history and can provide flawless agency references if required.

contact me here:
0 4 oh five 5 seven won seven 9 zero
gingerninja25 (@) gmail dotttttt com

thanks FOA, hope you can help me out!!!


I feel like Sime was looking for a housemate. If only you had Facebook Rolly I could totally invite you the event… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, FB would have you in a place quicksmart…

Do it Rolly. Just one keystroke to reactivate your account.

fuck you guys.

I am so psyched that is actually your email address. omg.

will keep an ear to the ground

good man, appreciate it :slight_smile:

I don’t use facebook all that much. But I have to agree. I’ve seen 2 events for friends of friends needing housemates.

bryce and sam are looking rolly and so is pip, coups girlfriend

and as mentioned previously so is sime

or so says facebook

Just move to Brisbane for $750 you will get a inner city house with a pool to yourself

yeah but then your stuck in brisbane…

True, rolly is the perfect housemate, he has red hair so if you find pubes on your soap you know straight away if its yours or not.
But seriously rent in Australia is just getting mental in every capital city.

haha too much information

Yeah too much info, but we have all been there.
I learnt to switch to liquid when I moved out.

^ The benefits of liquid soap far outweigh the additional cost.

Yep rent is effing ridiculous. On one side it’s great as my unit in Syd is cash neutral mortgage vs rent. On the other hand I am getting reamed renting in Perth. Hoorah!


yes, rent sucks, living with other ppl can be a pain, pubes are gross.

I may reactivate my FB account briefly, but only if I get desperate.

already had a few leads, waiting to hear from one of them.

heard about Bryce’s place but too many ppl.

please hit me up directly.


I would have you as a housemate and offer you a rent discount if you did your ‘voices’ at least once a day.

But unfortunately our cat has priority on the spare/bike room.

Ouch :stuck_out_tongue: