i quite like this

I don’t get it.

You must be a geek off the street

young guns

Back to work, chaps. Regulators! Let’s dance!

+1 yeah its nicely done

Earn your keep.

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon warren g was on the street trying to consume.

i like this.

but not the picture.

“You gotta be handy with the steel”

I got a car full of girls and its going real swell, next stop is the east side motel

sixteen in the clip and one in the hole, Mckenny is about to make some bodies turn colddddd

When Nate Dogg died i played this all day.

Hog boy!

“Hey Chavez, how come they ain’t killin’ us?”
“It’s cos’ we’re in the spirit world asshole, they can’t see us”

love this movie

Oh god, this is something that my friends and I always end up saying when we get in trouble with security when we are on the booze. 9 times out of 10 security leave us alone because we always end up rolling around laughing… or ROFL for you internet folk.

“Hey dog… did you see the size of that chicken?”

This whole scene is hilarious.

Don’t really like the photo, love this song (and album) though!