I seem to have a thing for green bikes...

Here is my new one, Repco Vertex frame with track ends converted by Abbotsford Cycles, Hillbrick forks, Chris King headset, C Record road cranks, wheels are Goldtec/Velocity. I just need to find a nice shiney stem, and a few other bits and pieces. The crappy photo and dirty bedroom dont do the paintwork any justice, I’m pretty stoked though. Just got it back today!

Very green. Is that a metallic green powdercoat or a paint? Straight fork looks the business.

A quiz question: What came first, the GT or the Repco?

That looks fantastic, love the color!

cheers! The paint was done at Bicycle Recycle, it took an age due to a wait at the sand blasters, but well worth it.

One word for you



I’ve seen black annodised ones made nice and shiney after removing the annodising with oven cleaner, can’t find a good link to pics right at the moment.

Great looking paint and bike in general. The (smooth) cranks are perfect for a bike like this.

I love the green and white colour scheme on fixies, as they say, green means go.

sweet shit! looks really nice.

this might be a little late…

hey there, i’ve seen your bike on a couple of forums and am a little intrigued. i have a couple of questions. Are you sure it was made by repco? Your bike is the only bike i can find called a “repco vertex” and also the only one ever made by repco using reynolds tubing. Are you sure it wasn’t made by GT? although most GT track frames were made with aluminium so now i’m confused again…

A little late indeed. The bike is long gone but not forgotten. It 100% a repco and 100% reynolds 531. I’ve owned two of these(the second one looks pretty much exactly the same as this), and both had exactly the same paintwork, and 531 decals. One came from the Freedom Machine.

The triple triangle design was not limited to GT, nor did they pioneer it. Triple triangle frames I’ve seen include Hetchins, Kenevans, Paconi, Hillman, Shogun… the list goes on.

so do I


green is hot.

The ole green girl is still serving me incredibly well erle.

Rides as good as it did from day one!

Still needs that shiny stem though!

I’m glad to hear Ash! I missed it so much I tracked down another one(it’s not as nice though haha).

haha, love how blingin the headset looks ! too many shiny

I remember reading somewhere that racing cars are never green because its bad luck. Is that transferable to bikes. Any bad luck on your green push bikes?

Not for Lotus in the 60s.

Haven’t you ever heard of ‘British Racing Green’?

I do remember reading somewhere that green cars have more accidents than any other colour. They are harder to see I would assume.
Could be an urban myth though