I think I want a Honzo

Either this years one or below 2015 one…any thoughts? I grew up riding Mountain Bikes, rode Freeride bikes for 6 odd years and stopped riding Mountain Bikes 5 years ago due to my move to Australia. But now I’m craving and I want something simple that lets me go big.


They look fun! Haven’t heard of any issues except that they’re pretty darn heavy, but you’re getting a complete AM 29er bike for the price of the Niner all mountain hardtail frame…Seems pretty decent.

Ive only heard unreal things about em! My mate rode one SS at Trans-Sylvania Epic this year… They can climb well despite the weight

Does anyone happen to know when the 2015 models will be out in Australia?

Nope - you better contact a Kona stockist ASAP tho’ cos I can’t imagine they’ll be bringing many into AU, if any at all… So if you want one you better get on it.

I agree they look very rad.

Ok done and thanks. May call some as well next week.

They come in next week and I’m in contact with several dealers. If all goes well I will have one. Not many of them will come to Australia and fingers crossed I will be one of the lucky owners.

Awesome - looks like a cool bike.

So strange they wont get many in! Becoming a cult bike in the US. Def show us what it can do when it arrives!

Ordered and paid for!!! Can’t wait!

This and a roadie? Win the lotto?

Put the roadie on the backburner, need to follow my real passions :wink:

Man, rotten luck on the Honzo disappearing and now the Charge Plug being stolen as well.

Life sucks sometimes but I try not to let it on me. I got a new bike that now lives right beside me and I couldnt be happier riding it. I do think that at least one of them comes back. Both bikes were so unique that selling them will be a challenge.