I wanna get my fender nerd on.

So I’m thinking winter, and reminiscing how I never bought that 50s Olmo cafe racer… I’m thinking I’ll get some nice shiny chrome fenders for my conversion and modify it into a nerd hot rod. Frame is gloss black with the subtlest blue through it, I think the shiny fenders will look great.

Any ideas on brands? Berthoud?

Do I chop em down?

Berthoud, yes. especially if you have limited clearance. But if you got space…
Velo orange make good fenders and great fitting hardware. I guess the most obvious choice is Honjo. VO site has a lot of great stuff, some already polished for you.

Might be a bit convoluted but I bought a clunker off ebay with some nice stainless fenders, took them off and then re-sold it. only lost 5 bucks in the process.