I want one Santa.


hahaha, trials hey? That’s my other poison, I wonder how many other people in the world ride track and trials :lol:

type “TRA trials” into youtube for some more stuff, or “Vincent Hermance”


Nah, that was a British guy named Danny Mascel.

Ryan Leech is a damn good rider too, have you seen Manifesto? If not, you should.

You should also go to your local bike shop and order “Trials is Dead”. An Australian made film about the local trials scene. Named after the guy who made it saw an article in AMB saying the trials scence in Australia is dead, which the movie prooves is not the case!!


I did a bit of trials years ago when Hans ‘No-way’ Ray was on the scene. Never really got into that deep though cause I enjoyed zooming downhill too much. Saying that though, trials does teach you really good balancing and braking skills. I’ll be sure to check out these other guys and links when exams are over next week.