i want to run an alleycat...

ya think? - you’ve just got to stay off the street and get yourself a set at joe’s or the NSC - then it’s sweet. :smiley:

both of those places are always full of the aforementioned sorts. i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again - northcote sucks.

ah shit! I just moved there because i thought it was quite “hip and cool”
where the hell should I move to reclaim some dignity?

Don’t mind Brendan, he’s just old and bitter.

South side of the river Chaz.

fixed that for you.

Where you sick xXx?

AMEN!! Fucking huppie (Hippie/Yuppie) parents, these people really fuck-me off, feeding their kids organic tofu and soy baby-fucking-chinos with their african-child-carriers and buddist flags hanging on their front porch,listening to Jon Faine as they look for a Montesori school for their Vegan 6 year old.

Fuck Northcote

Also, why do so many Lesbians live in Northcote? They all left East StKilda in '05, like a mass pilgrimage.

Ha ha, that was awesome.

I also love the vegan bagging out the hippies. WTF? Aren’t they the same thing? :evil:

argh! yeah - ok, I think i’m gonna have to agree on that description of your typical northcote inhabitants - pretty spot on. I still like the place though :roll:.
to answer your question - all the lesbians have since moved futher out to Thurnbury - presumably disenchanted by the invasion of the vegan / hippy / yuppies.

you’ll pay for this, b****.

200 lap scratch race at brunswick? maybe on one of these delightfully blustery days?

Walk off would be better :smiley:


date change, this one should be fine now. i think everything is sorted. now to find more sponsors. thanks to ianhuman/ryan for the poster and all the work he’s put in.