i want to run an alleycat...

…i’ve ridden enough, know what makes one good, i’d like to give a little back and organise a great one. i’m thinking a little like a wolfpack hustle race, so teams of 4-5, decent distances, unmanned checkpoints all across town, a couple with big points located further distances out, no need to go to every one, and a few surprises. sometime in september, during daylight/.
anyone want to help me out? i don;t really want to organise prizes etc, just want to do the fun parts…

claim a date!

and stay away from november…


i’d be happy to help but not sure where to start… :expressionless:

Talk to Liam, work out a date. Go to bike shops or whatever and tell them you’re running an event and could they throw you some cool shit in exchange for naming rights, they know you’re coming. . . .

also, pm me your email address and i’ll forward you the lengthy “how to put on an alleycat” email i wrote to zoe before the trackolympics.

if designing a flyer / poster doesn’t count as ‘the fun parts’ I’m happy to help out on that front.

Ask questions (in person/off the forums) of those who have put on events before.

i rarely meet someone who has put on multiple events who doesnt have some tips and ‘traps for young players’ and isnt happy to offer some advice.

biggest piece of advice i have - its your event, make it what you want… but remember that you do want people to show up (so making it a one-handed wheelie hill climb with a blindfolded descent might encourage more spectators than participants) :wink:

thanks everyone, i’ll talk to anyone at the wed ride tonight who wants to help, or has suggestions

sounds awesome, keep us posted!

In… We used to run these in Austin, Texas all the time. They’re stupid fun. We’d mix them up with a bit off road, cross, gravel path. I would really like to see more events like this in Melbourne…it’ll remind me of home.

my email is my username on this forum @ gmail dot com. Let me know if I can help.

Here’s some info on our past alleycross events… http://atxbs.com/?q=taxonomy/term/479

details pending…

hahah i thought that was vomit for a minute
fignon is king

Not to be contentious but do you realise that you will be excluding female participants by using the same date as Casey’s ‘Ladies who Leisure’ ride?

i actually totally forgot about that ride. seeing as the date is an arbitrary number, and this is the first time it’s been written down i will consult my committee and see what can be done. probably shift it to the evening or saturday the 19th.

hahah i thought that was vomit for a minute
fignon is king

ahhha yes, i had Paisley on the mind today, i have a friend who lives there, and lance armstrong was riding there today. and yes, Fignon is cool

You could even do a ‘Men who Meander’ pre alleycat warmup :lol:

non gender preferential ‘riders who rove’ pre ride,

non gender preferential ‘riders who rove’ pre ride,

Yeh, I agree. Females only ride is a bit sexist isn’t it? What about ‘equal rights on bikes’, antidiscrimination is what’s called for here.

Also, don’t forget Northcote High-Vibes festival is on the 20th of Sep - if something does happen on the Sunday it’d be cool to finish it there!

are you fucking kidding? that festival is the worst rich hippie, bohemian bourgeouisie love-in i’ve ever been to,

Sad to hear he has cancer though. Hope he pulls through