i wish i could make shane warne watch these.

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will watch, thanks

Missed this on TV, any idea if it’ll be on iView? Can’t see any other Australian Story episodes on there?

It’ll be replayed, or else online again somewhere, and if I can get over the rage about this, I might watch it.

I fully endorse taking to Mcgee’s skull with a baseball bat. Pics please.

Stumbled across this before when I was channel surfing.
What a piece of shit that lawyer is. What a fucking joke the police force are…

You can watch Part One here…

Australian Story

It says on the page it will be repeated twice this weekend.
12:30pm Sat ABC1
6:30pm Sunday ABC News24

i’m worried that if shane warne did watch these he’d be taking notes on how to kill a cyclist and get away with it.

i can’t watch this shit anymore. it makes me so fkn frustrated.

it makes me want to be a lawyer. that happens to me every two years or so. it fades eventually.

it makes me want to be Max Rockatansky

^ had to google that one :stuck_out_tongue:

This is on ABC1 right now.

I missed it when I first watched it. McGee was a former Police Prosecutor.

That’s says everything.

Timeline from wiki …


30 November 2003
12:30pm: Eugene McGee arrives at the Wheatsheaf hotel in suburban Adelaide to have lunch with his brother Craig and mother Marjorie. The tables order docket shows three bottles of white wine, a glass of port and a glass of beer were purchased.
3:50pm: Eugene and Craig McGee leave the hotel to take their mother home to Kapunda, 77 kilometres (48 mi) north of Adelaide.
3:40 - 4:00pm: Ian Humphrey leaves his home at Evanston Park to cycle to Freeling on the Kapunda/Gawler road.
4:30 - 4:50pm: Eugene McGee leaves his mothers house to return to Adelaide.
4:50pm: Occupants of a car travelling through Kapunda noticed a dark blue/green 4WD travelling in the same direction which began overtaking them in a dangerous manner on the right. A passenger thought that the driver may have been drinking.
5:00pm: Antoni Zisimou saw a green Mitsubishi Pajero driving erratically and swaying over the centre line at a speed of about 160 km/h (99 mph) in a 110 km/h (68 mph) zone.
5:05pm: Ian Humphrey is struck and killed.
5:08pm: Benjamin & Irene Voroniansky who were driving in the opposite direction stop and call an ambulance. They estimate the speed of the Mitsubishi Pajero leaving the scene to be 90–100 km/h (56–62 mph).
5:11pm: Eugene McGee makes the first of three phone calls to his lawyer David Edwardson.
5:33pm: Phones his wife Barbara.
5:37pm: Phones his brother Craig.
5:42pm: Phones his mother Marjorie.
5:50pm: Phones his brother Craig. Police attend the home of Eugene McGee.
5:50 – 6:46pm: McGee makes six phone calls to relatives.
6:49pm: Craig McGee phones Eugene McGee.
6:50pm: Police attended Eugene McGee’s mothers house in Kapunda and speak to Craig McGee who informs police he has not spoken to or seen his brother and does not have his mobile phone number.
6:57pm: Craig McGee phones Eugene McGee to inform him that the police had been, are looking for him and that they know his car was involved in the accident.
7:24pm: Sergeant Mills phones McGee’s wife Barbara who tells him she hasn’t heard from McGee and doesn’t know his whereabouts.
7:30pm: Diana Gilcrist arrives at accident scene while searching for her overdue husband Ian Humphrey.
7:30pm: Craig McGee drives his brother back to adelaide via the Kapunda/Gawler road. They are stopped at a police roadblock set up to find Eugene McGee but do not identify themselves.
7:40pm: A reporter arrived at Marjorie McGee’s house in Kapunda and finds Eugene McGee’s car there.
8:50pm: After being informed the car has been located, Police call at Marjorie McGee’s house but find it locked up with no one at home.
9:09pm: Matthew Selley phones Sergeant Mills and states he is a solicitor representing Eugene McGee. Selley requests the “state of play” with regard to the collision. Mills asks for Selleys phone number so that Sergeant Hassell can speak to him.
9:10 - 10:05pm:Sergeant Hassell makes several phone calls to Selley to make arrangements to interview Eugene McGee.
10:05pm: Police phone Selley who states Eugene McGee is willing to hand himself in the following morning.
10:10pm: Police phone selley who gives them an address in Norwood where they can speak to McGee.
11:30pm: Police speak to McGee who reads from a prepared statement. McGee is arrested and taken to the City Watchhouse. Both Sergeant Hassell and Senior Constable Bell noted that they could smell alcohol on McGee while he was in the police car.

seems legit

I agree with the general sentiment on the Eugene McGee/Humphrey matter. A very sad situation that has gone un-addressed - justice does not seem to have been done.

Though good to see Xenophon supporting the cause.

Hit-run lawyer toasts freedom
by: Political reporter Sarah Martin From: The Advertiser December 09, 2011 12:00am
Hit-run lawyer toasts freedom | Adelaide Now

Ironic - the day of the offence, there were at least 26 standard drinks on the lunch table. And to celebrate, he’s drinking with lunch, again.