Id this frame???

i have inherited my grandpa’s old track bike but unfortunately have no idea about it.
i tried searching but im not making any progress.
i know its a lot to ask with just one photo but i figured that the “c” logo on the head stem would be obvious to someone that knows the maker or brand that this stands for.
any help would be great!

sorry about the crapy phone pic

have you tried asking over at BNA?
some of them are pretty good with the old stuff

Wow - That’s some serious patina there!

If you’re asking for ID - It often helps to have any other details like photos of the lugs, underside of BB, dropouts, other decals (even if real faded) etc.

Looks sweet though. What size?

Cheers for the heads up bout bna, will do that shortly.
Iv only got one pic at the moment, will get more once I pick the bike up.
I searched the frame for any stamps etc but couldn’t find any. The underside of the bb is blank also.
Yeah how crazy is the oxidisation! I thought the frame was green lol.
It’s around a 57 seat tube, not sure bout the top tube, but its perfect for me :slight_smile:
planning on a full resto, or as much as can be.

It’s like it’s covered in fungus or something!

^thats what she said