Ideal post-apocalyptic bicycle?

A friend and I constantly debate ideas about the post-apocalyptic world, it’s only a back of the mind thought and is something we do to pass the time.

Anywhoo we got onto the topic of forms of transport in this world and naturally I went with a bicycle, he’s convinced walking shall reign supreme.

So my question is in this situation with no modern society, no fuel, complete self relience what would be the ideal bicycle to ride?

Definitely a Firefly with fenders:

^Too many gears.

Well it will be only one gear when the Di2 battery runs out lol, edit no it’s mechanical so NO PROBLEMS!

As long as their is a silencer on the cassette. In a world with no cars, I assume the sound of a cassette would travel for miles.

EDIT: Also needs racks.

This. With lasers.

There will always be some kind of fuel. Maybe not BP ultimate but something. I’m sure there will be resources available to make say ethanol.

With that in mind I think the post apocalyptic world will be full of motorised bicycle madness. Kinda like Thunderdome.

One of those big surly fat bikes, a few racks, wheels built by Dan at shifter bikes, hopefully I won’t be around long enough to have to buy a bike for this purpose. But I think buying a bike after the apocalypse might be a bit of a wait. International shipping would take ages, I might have to support the LBS…

Too many problems, too much to fix.

I not in the mood to carry all the tools necessary for that bike on my back. I’m sure whatever bike it is will need some “bombproof” wheels

36" Nimbus with disk:

bomb proof wheels you say?

I’m inclined to agree with this.

Rolls over rubble like the 29’ers of yesteryear!

Too much to fix? I’m sure that you can just pick up a new bike from the LBS when your old one breaks.

Not in the mood to carry shit? It’s the end of the world man! You’ll be draped in chrome messenger bags!

Adapt or perish. The post apocalyptic world will be all about bush mechanics and MacGyvering shit together.

I’d still ride a fixie. At least there’d be noone around to judge me.

No need to carry a puncture kit and with a rack there’s room for your rocket launcher.

I think about this a fair bit. The problem I see is consumables. Thus my pick would have to have a solid tyre, fixed drive train (motor bike chain), discs with very thick pads, plenty of racks and dynamo lights.

i dont know man, it’d take years, probably decades for the world to reach that cliched apocalyptic state where the skies are filled with fire and folk are eating each other in the woods. its not like the apocalypse would come and it would go from regular life to sudden all out chaos, and yes i am aware what history has told us about what to expect, but lets be realistic about this…

The answer is obviously a super tight track bike. Perfect for riding around the city looking for canned goods.

If it’s a zombie apocalypse, do you think they could ride bikes?

OK I’m thinking Mad Max after the fuel has run out where there is next to no order and no form of production or industrial work, everyone’s fighting for supplies and gangs run you down for your aerospokes.

Instead of paying and waiting for shipping.