identify my casati

hello all, dont ask me why/how, but i just won the bidding on this bike in belgium!( wasnt even looking for one all that much anyway)

so i was wondering what ive managed to get myself into… it does look like a lovely frame (if we can confirm that its genuine…), but i’ll need to source some forks for it. And then theres the issue of finding the right gruppo. As ive only just realised im buying it, thought id put the word out and ask for some tips as im a relative newbie to the whole scene.


does it come with a fork??

well, the fork isn’t listed in the ebay listing and the OP said he needs to find a new fork for it. lets just put two and two together, what answer do you get?

yeah well its looking like im going to have to dig around for a fork. the originals are chromed with matching pantographs, but i think for the time being im going to have to just find a similar era fork with a similar rake. would have been a cracker deal if it did come whole though!

Not sure what you wish to indentify? very late 80’s to early 90’s - maybe a little later but it not too late as it’s columbus SLX. their own proprietary lugs and fancy cast top eyes for the seat stay attachment.

Cool bikes, not many in Oz but a mate of mine rode one back in the day. Finding an original fork won’t be easy. There’s a bike shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY (start googling) that had at least 30 of these framesets (All NOS) hanging from the rafters in 2004 when I last visited. Major eye candy. Hit 'em up, make sure they see pics of yours to match a fork with and ask 'em (politely) for any info you can glean about it’s production.

Keep in mind that an original NOS Casati fork will likely cost you almost as much as the frame you bought. It’s important but not that important. Then again finding any good quality classic era road fork in chrome is never gonna be cheap.

casanova is a A+ quality seller, I’ve brought heaps from them, i’m sure they can come up with something.

thanks guys. just the info i needed. Id heard of Casati before and jumped the gun when i thought the price it was going for was fairly low (then there was postage- stoopid of me) but was only really able to find their spec/catalogue from 1988 so i couldnt pick the model 100%.

immediately realised finding a fork would be tricky, but this is a long term project now, and i think i’ll but up for the challenge of finding something at least similar, unless i get impatient and throw something on for the meantime.

good to hear about casanova as a seller too, got looots of lovely stuff for sale as well

Just get a decent 1’ carbon fork and you’ve got the best of both worlds

might be able to help with one of those.

Phil @ R & A Cycles in Park Slope, Brooklyn is your best shot for NOS steel Casati forks

cheers again, did to a quick google before, but it looks like there were a few cycling stores in park slope. just firing off an email now! we’ll see how we go

Hey! thought i’d give a quick update of how this project is going because i seem to have hit a rough patch. So far for the build ive got the regal saddle, campag seatpost, 3ttt bars and stem, Stronglight A9 cartridge headset and Look pedals.

To come is a new Veloce groupset and Khamsin wheels (Vento if i can stretch to them… opinions?!) plus tapes, cables, tubes etc

But I’m still stuck on the fork! While RA cycles were really prompt in emailing me back when i first checked it with them, ive since been OS and theyre not returning my emails. I swear ive scoured the whole internet and cant find anyone else who’d stock a matching fork. So, do i send my 5th email in a row to them, or bite the bullet and buy a cheaper chromed steel fork for the build? I’m wanting to have it built by Xmas so i can get used to it before that TDU community ride… Cheers guys!

Maybe they think you’re wasting time :expressionless: :?

Call 'em up. Get a little phone card thingy and let 'em know exactly what you need (be specific) and ask them how best to sort out payment and get it posted to you. They don’t want to hear a story … just tell 'em what you’re after.

It’s not hard … if you really wanted it you’d have one by now instead of sounding like some fat chick whining on the interwebs. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

BTW - NOS chrome forks aren’t cheap but you’ll be glad you got an original fork to match.

ha, cheers spirito… i’d thought about getting a calling card… might have to now that ive seen that its going to cost me $200 for new chromed forks… (RA initially quoted me $US 200 max for the casati forks anyway so i may as well try and get back in touch)

and hey, i could quite possibly be a whiney fat chick… but one who likes handmade italian steel nonetheless! ha, but in all seriousness its my 21st present to myself and one which i really cant afford. going to have to start selling bits of myself i think!

you’ll be fine :wink: … really, in 10 years time that $200 will seem like nothing and you’ll be glad you have it complete. They don’t make 'em anymore … grab 'em whilst you can. Just be really detailed and ask them to send you a picture of the exact fork they have. Details, details, details.

You’ll always recoup you’re money if you ever sell it … especially here in Oz where Casati’s are not often seen.

Good for you re: 21 b’day :mrgreen: