If anyone finds a Kryptonite lock...

I fucking dropped mine on the way back to Brunswick from Williamstown. FUCK!

fuck man, didn’t see it as we rode back…

Maybe you should put it in your bag not your back pocket :smiley:

too hot for bags…or brakes

Ah piss off Spud! I reralise this now.

They also fit nicely under the downtube.

Jesus Blakey, the whole reason I like riding a fixie is because of the clean lines maaan. no brakes, no cables blah blah BLAH

Not to mention being at one with the bike. It’s a zen thing, man.

Erle the grass ‘n’ twigs diet is making you so weak and delusional that you don’t even notice that your lock went missing? Are you sure that you were riding at the time? Maybe you were hallucinating. For the love of all those bikes discarded on hard rubbish days, have some animal based protein. Trust me the chickens don’t mind if you eat an egg.

Just remember kids…

I’ve got some red meat you can eat.

Spud might have beaten me to it, but I do have a large souvlaki with your name on it.

If it’s red, got to fuck’n doctor Spud…

Wouldn’t that be a falafel nature boy?

There’s a new member you guys should get to know better. :wink:

back to the topic:

erle i stopped and had a look around the city side of that bridge but didn’t see it. i rode along slowly and checked other bumpy hazardous areas too incase someone had picked it up and hung it up on a post or something but no luck. when i have time i could check down towards williamstown but by then it might be too late for old krypto…

Thanks Sarah, I went for a look this afternoon but to no avail. I’ll just get a new one.

what a legend. good on ya :slight_smile:

hmmm, a NY hipster invades melbourne forum. shouldn’t have had all that PBR at the Levee :evil:

i rode out there again this morning. nothing. sorry.