if i had money to burn.....build your own dream fixie


build your own fixie in Milwaukee…for those of us not mechanically inclined (like myself).

bloody expensive but some nice options :smiley:

Mines easy - it’s happening as I type.

Surly Steam Roller (Resprayed Matte Black)
Thompson Seatpost
Thompson Steerer
Cane Creek Headset
Cane Creek trial bars (White bar tape)
Cane Creek tt Brake
Dura Ace Front Brake
Dura Ace Track Cranks
Aero spoke Front
Mavic Openpro 36H Rear High w/ Flange Dura Ace Fixed Hub
Continental GP4000’s
Specialized Toupe Saddle (White)

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Gears are for Queers! See you guys around
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:59:53 AM »

I’ve sold the Fixie.

I’m out. I’ve been a Hipster for a few months now and just don’t find the “Cool” factor of Fixed riding really appealing to me.

So it’s back to commuting and MTB for me.

Thanks for all the chat and advice

See Ewes around.[/b]

I have nothing to add…

Meh to you! It’s a nice build! Lupine is egging me on so pfft!

yeah yeah…every time you try to get out, they pull you back in.

I think Captain Muppet is the fixed gear benefactor. Spent big $$ setting up a nice fixed gear then get bored flog it off and start the process again. I’m not going to complain, just hope he grows a bit so I can snatch a bargian.

No not really. Just had nice wheels on a not so nice bike. I get bored with bike quickly. But, I won’t commute on the next Fixie, it’s too much hassle with the whole “cool” factor.

I have a set of Velocity Deep V for $650 - if you’re keen. Don’t need them now as I’m going for the Aero and Mavic.

Captain Muppet, you missed the most important thing when posting about Deep V’s… the colour. Isn’t that the only reason people but these boat anchor rims?

thats a damn fancy build for a surly…