If There Is No Love...

They look well-wicked…BUT…there is still no such thing as love.

Sure there is.

Love is buying a track bike, having no idea how to ride it, getting pissed of but sticking at it and then a few months later feeling on top of the world because now you don’t want to ride anything else.

In short, love is work.

You can find a little bit of it, but it takes work to make it grow.

And thanks for the message the other day Rhino, phones are the devil as I’m now realising.

-Campagnolo Record front / Phil Wood rear
-White Deep V’s
-DT Comps

just waiting on truing stand access!

^^ I’d be using DT revolutions on the front, and alloy nipples on both wheels, but that sounds awesome.

  • Joel

I’m gonna save for my road bike wheels… they’ll be the all-out no-rotating-mass wheels :smiley:

oooh what bits on road wheels?

  • Joel

Still not sure, but singles are definately in there. Araya 16B? Zipp? :lol: Alloy nipples, maybe ti spokes, maybe radial aerolites… who knows? Suggestions in a PM are more than welcome.