If There Is No Love...

all that remains is lust…

and envy :confused:

Time to buy a new keyboard then.

Brilliant, good thread…a small sense of pride to see this thread start as a spin off from some cynical remark that I made. Still stand by it, until I meet with the right women or bike (have to say, I do have a immense appriciation for my 29er singlespeed).

make the 29er fixed and you’ll gain respect to go with your pride

I would challenge your lust pic CTA - but my uploader is currently out of service…Maybe I’ll wait for my spokes to arrive - built wheels sexier…

  • Joel

Big call.

Are they Ti?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Big call.

Are they Ti?[/quote]

no ti. Dura-ace hubs and nisi mercurio d’oro singles (379g - which I polished this morning). 28h Laced 2x all-round with DT revolutions and alloy nipples. Light?

There’s more to fixed gear aesthetics than deep Vs and high flange hubs. Or maybe they’re just becoming too popular. I’ve yet to see any as sweet as the polished set though ^^

  • Joel


I will agree, I am mulling over my set of lust wheels, I am thinking along the lines of LF Phil’s, 28H front and 36H rear, laced with Sapim CX bladed spokes to a set of polished Velocity Escapes(glue-ons) or Aeroheads. Not sure of the lacing pattern yet, I am thinking radial front and radial/4x rear.

And yes, your proposed set of wheels sound very nice indeed. Waiting to see pictures.

Maybe like fat-free…

This is my set of courtesy wheels that are kept in reserve for couriers and customers to use when their CTA wheelsets need repairing. I have not figured out how to build a set of wheels that can survive a Honda attack!!

I love the velocity aerohead - I’ve got a few which have never had any prolems or truing. the escape looks interesting. Check out Gemma_K’s ebay store where I got my Nisi rims from - she’s great to deal with and has some awesome stock.


email her if she doesn’t list what you’re after, she seems to have an expansive shed of stuff!

  • Joel


Talk about objects of desire, have you seen the set of HF Campag hubs she has listed the moment?

eBay Item number: 7232869381

I am considering having an affair!!!

My lust wheels are built, white industries hubs around a set of mavic rims, they sparkle and shine. Almost make me smile…almost.

I did see those hubs. Out of reach unfortunately. I’m happy to loan some money to any forum member who wants them though!

  • Joel

well then, here all.

looking forward to building these bastards - DT revolutions, 2x front and rear, with DT alloy nipples (and anti-seize, this wheelset is going to be a keeper).

  • Joel[/img]


Your making us all jealous.

Where did you get the rims?

Was it racedirect?


it was indeed. 1977 and they polished up a treat. They’re seriously, seriously shiny. My first ever set of singles. I’m excited!

  • Joel


Clear coat them now, or spend forever with cotton buds repolishing.

Gemma_K sure does have a nice selection of rims.

My Fiamme red labels polished up really well after 600 and 1200 grit silicon carbide paper, followed by metal polish. But now they’re just shiny, instead of mirrored like they used to be. (Formula 28h hubs, DT straight gauge spokes, 3x.)

the polish I use seems to keep things shiny forever. Well as near to forever as my experience allows.

  • Joel