If you guys dislike aerospoke's on hipster bikes, you're going to hate these.

Fixie Single Speed Aerospoke Wheels | eBay

(sorry if this should be in the eBay section)

These were on BMW (not brooklynmachineworks) flat bar roadies.
Like tuffs.
Like vom vom
Don’t buy them.

They are very reminiscent of the RH+O wheels one of my friends wanted. From memory they weighed about 6 tonnes per wheel.

^ i do remember a shitload of these popping up on ebay one time…wonder what happened?

they broke and the users died?

i don’t think these are 700c

26" if i am not mistaken

No strength issue… they are solid aluminium alloy. Quite sure they are 26".

They are so heavy the users died of exhaustion. (1250g front and 1400g rear)

Teny Rims makes for good reading… “windmill theory” and “shock absorption”. Yeah!

^ That’s what I thought. Chunky, chunky wheels. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why people wanted one. Just no perceivable benefit.

I guess maybe a mad 26er riding downhill king could see the use of a wheel that would build up incredible speed and then plow right through other solid objects.

I ended up with a pair when I bought a MTB. Heavy as, never rode them. Neither did the next 2 owners. Not sure where they ended up after that.
I recently caught up with the original guy and he has a new MTB, also with a new set of these wheels.
Go figure.

It reminds me of about half the bikes in Vietnam. They were brutal aluminium step throughs with 6 spoke tuffs style wheels. I figured they were more durable than traditional spoked wheels for people who don’t really have access to truing facilities, replacement spokes etc.

Judging by the speed most people ride over there they were very heavy. But strong enough to carry pretty much anything anywhere.