If you thought Chinese stuff was cheap!

Customized personalized cycling jersey | eBay

At least they give you free postage.

but why so expensive for custom? wrong currency?

veobike skull kit is cheep
2012 High Quality New Outdoor Sports Cycling Jersey And Bib Shorts BD-87 | eBay

this should clear things up

i can’t read chinese, but i think STP 8 says “profit”

I thought that said “Happy cat smiling bicycle you are”

I saw a Hasa flat bar road/cx frame that had a headset top cap that said

“wing like tiger” accompanied by a line drawing of a tiger - I wanted it for my bike.

really wish I had taken a photo.

munga number 8 actually says good service but we know that ain’t happening…

I don’t know Chinese but you’ll find number 8 says happy ending.

At that price I’d expect a bag of white powder wrapped up in the jersey.