IGH Chain Tension

So if your chain is too loose but you’ve already rotated your eccentric BB 180 degrees, do you just rotate it back and take out a chain link or is that a sign that your chain is way overdue for replacement?

Nexus 8 speed IGH if that matters.


Take out a link, it’s an igh, run that drivetrain into the ground. (Assuming even-even ring& sprocket).

^ Thanks, Al. Can do.

get that sprocket and chainring looking like ‘over used’

Minor thread hijack: Is there any compelling reason not to follow the same philosophy on any single speed equivalent drive train AL9000? How would that be any different to when you have an in gear hub?

…And what difference does having an even/even ratio over an odd/even ratio make? I understand how it changes which chain surfaces contact the chain ring/sprocket, but not how that affects maintenance.

It’s actually 45/20…

An even sprocket is more important than an even chainring. I wonder if the chain might wear so much that it doesn’t mesh properly with the chainring before it can wear it down enough…

Same logic applies to ss and fixed drivetrains.

Thanks AL9000, and I hope that was helpful for P!N20 too…


Absolutely. Al’s posts are like zen koans to me.