Ignition - Falls Creek 18 November - Canberra riders?

Long shot, but wondering if any Canberra-based FOA mafia are travelling down to Falls Creek for Ignition 18-20 November? Or know of anyone who is?

I am heading up with a Melbourne crew, but I’ve since had a work-commitment booked for the morning of Friday 18 November in Canberra that I can’t avoid. I should be finished work by 10.30–11am.

To save me flying back to Melbourne then driving up from the airport – meaning I’ll miss the whole first day — I’m hoping it might be possible to grab a lift straight from Canberra, and get my buddies to bring my bike/gear from Melbourne.

Hey bud!

I only learnt about this event via this post - so there is your answer from me. I can ask around some of my more event connected mtb people here to see if they have a spare seat.

Or alternatively, you can try posting on this facebook page?
Friends of Mt Stromlo Group

Thanks Ezy!