I'll get a dog

if I can get a dog like this dog

I want to see the dog land a kick flip.

He thinks he is a human… awwww

What about a lick flip?

Looks like a really happy dog. I had a bulldog once… couldn’t do that. Poor girl could hardly walk when we got her, she’d been so neglected.

All very well and cool but the dog’s having all the fun. What about a dog that does tricks for us so we have the thrills … like goes to the shop and gets me an ice cream, or takes the garbage out on command, or cleans up it’s own poop ???

Mrs Spirito is thinking the same thing about you…

I been egging mrs. spirito to sign in here but I now hope she doesn’t


he is even tweaking it out, rad

My ladyfriend has an account on here, I’m always scared she’ll get back on and look around. It’s bad enough that she like reads my tumblr and stuff, geeeeeez, and I have to be fb friends with her too!
Anyway, my dog would love to fight that dog.


TRET is the best dog hahah

My dog learnt his moves from me