I'm a cheap bastard

Anyway, I found this old exercise bike in the park, and it uses a track hub, threading for cog, with reverse threading for lockring. So I took it, and cut it off the small rim it what attached to.

Basically, I want to use this thing, 700c or 27", whatever. The hub has 20 spoke holes…how and what the hell do I lace it to? Is 20 spokes too small a number for a rear wheel? I’m sure it’ll be fine for some kind of beater, right?

20 is fine, Shamals only have 16 from memory.

The trick will be finding a rim to match though. Someone on here will know of one you can get though…

Velocity Deep-V. They’re available in 20h, and you’ll need a deep rim to compensate for the lack of spokes, particularly as a rear. Order one through matt@kookie.