I'm almost famous in the 'berra ...

Not sure how/why but news of Fintan Magee’s new mural which adjoins my workshop featured in the Canberra times. I opted out of shot but James (head of Brand-X) is vibing with records and using bikes as a background and my Alfa badly needs a wash !!

Street artist Fintan creates three-storey artwork in Sydney

Does that make me hipster? Is this to get Ezylee up here soon? How come Keith’s in Sydney & I’m almost on the oher side of Lake George??? :smiley:

Are you the bike whisperer?

haha !!

Also, the article somehow puts St Leonards next to the Princess Highway.

It kind of is (sorta).

I find it funny that he calls Fintan … Fin-Tan as some lost member of the wu-tang.
Coulda been worse, we need the publicity and don’t ask me how but people in the neighbourhood did drop past after they saw the article and check out the piece and ask about what’s happening there.

I thought it was the Pacific Highway. Or the Warringah Freeway.

Jeebus … I make the same mistake all too often.

And Mrs. Spirito wants to know more about the “no lycra” dance party and whether it involves beards, racks and downtube shifters ???

Ah … now the article is in the Herald !!
Just goes to show how Canberra is at the forefront of all things :wink:

I really need to get my ass up in to Sydney for a weekend now that the Melbourne people have had enough of me for this year.

Maybe we should come to you … Weekend at Ezy’s™ :wink:

I’m always for people coming to visit Canberra, but I owe you a visit seeing as our plan didn’t go ahead. Plus you have a shop that i need to hang out at. Are you closing for xmas at all? Could come up, hang out at the shop - ride to the beach for a dip then go grab beers.

In for shop hangs*, I’ll bring the rum.

*assuming no family obligations.

I’ll bring the fun.*

*If awkward pauses in conversation and blank stares are your idea of fun.

I’m having a Sydney weekend (28-30 Nov) with the wifey & sans enfants so definitely planning to visit the shop Ben.

Sounds like you’ll have your hands full :wink:
You’re always welcome & bring all the Serge Gainsbourg mp3’s you own. I think I should play Gainsbourg 24/7 and get the creative juice flowing. Lemme know when you’re coming so I can bring the pastis !!

And Ezy I’d be glad to host an Ezy-fest in the shop. Many would come & you’re inthe heart of cougarville !

Duly noted & will PM. :wink:

Serge’s reggae album is my fave. But ‘69 annee erotique’ will be a must to play to Ezy so he can get into the groove for cougarding.


i don’t think ezy will require a groove, just directions to the nearest sauna…

that’s got me thinking, i wonder who the closest Finn’s are to spirito’s workshop.