I'm coming to Melbourne...

…but not to ride :frowning:

My band Marathon is playing two shows down there on the Saturday the 27th & Sunday the 28th of March.

Thought I would chuck something up here about it and see if people would be interested.

How convenient, the same weekend as Fix Up Look Sharp.

We can see right through you’re plan, Johnson. You’ll need to do better than that if you and your ‘band’ want to win.

Borrow a bike and come ride on Saturday!

playing with circuits is a good move.

yo ryan… will i be able to win FixUp and still make it to the show in time to see marathon? :wink:

Circuits are awesome… TJ told me so :smiley: (and they really are heavy and rad)

yo really. snap. didnt realise. faarrkk. i dont know what time we are going to be getting into melbourne as we are driving from canberra. if i have half a chance, i’ll try if not sucks to be me.

and yes, circuits are rad. so stoked to be playing with them.

i’ve not heard jerk store. but i’m going to try and get to this show. that’s a fkn amazing band name.

I think you’ll be okay Nik! You know, as long as you are confident you can cover 121km in under 4 hours.

And yeah, try come down Johnson! Even if you just come say hi to everyone. But if you think you’ll be able to ride let me know and we’ll try sort out a bike for you.

What size bike would you need Johnson?

i have no idea where either of these places (loophole and treasury gardens) are. but ill make an effort.

is everything going to be centralised around treasury gardens (start and finish) or is it going to be moving?

trigger - 56 should cover it. but no promises on showing up.

If you need a bike, pm me.

they are a good 7 or 8 ks from each other. loophole is right near my house, north of the city. treasury gardens are in the city.

you live in Northcote North?

thornbury. there’s a big difference, which i am at pains to point out.

3 more kebab shops isn’t a big difference.

i disagree, 3 kebab shops is all the difference!!

xbbx only eats felafel you guize!

thornbury is sadly bereft of felafel.

there’s only one place for felafel in melbourne, and that’s tiba, which is in brunswick.

clearly XBBX has never been to Alev Alev in Elsternwick…

them’s fighting words.

the best felafel in victoria, however, are at lady sultan in bendigo. unfortunately when we were there last sunday it was closed.

i’m not sure how, but i am certain that this was nik cee’s fault.

Nikcee ruined all of Bendigo.