Im in New York

ahoy there chaps and chapettes,
as the title suggests im in new york at the moment. Ive only been here a day but ive seen easily 100 rad bikes and probably 1000 others, and thats just around east village and lower east side. Now being new to this whole bike caper i was wondering if anyone knows of good shops for me to have a look in while im here for parts and things, i went into Bicycle Habitat today, awesome bikes and about 50 too many people in there for the size of the shop. So share your knowledge, it could even be about markets or swap meets or websites even, ive had a basic google but im running on 2 hour sleep and not much is making sense.
Oh also, if you know of any cheap bike rental places over here, id live to go for a spin. All i can find so far is $50 a day places, thats $50 i cant spend on parts and stuff if i do it.
anyhow thanks in advance

Trackstar -
King Kog -

TOP SHOP has openede a store up in nyc now?!

chari & co -

NYC Velo.

Brooklyn Brewery -

Yes, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with bikes…but you can ride there!

Definitely check out Trackstar - its an awesome shop - I’m still kicking myself for not picking up a frame when I was there last November. V.Friendly approachable peeps working there.

I thoroughly recommend you get a bike to ride around NYC - its pretty safe with heaps of bikelanes etc - make sure you get over to Williamsburg and Brooklyn.

Try Bike Works NYC - lower east side near the Williamsburg Bridge.

They might be approachable, but they didn’t say a word to me when I went in there, same with Chari & Co. Not even a hello.

I named dropped TC - seemed to work! :smiley:

I should’ve done that!

I think it’s more so the “cool NYC” thing… Supreme and Dave’s Quality Meat did exactly the same thing. I only got a response at DQM cause I wanted to try on a pair of shoes.

No big loss.

agree with you on that one. The guy at DQM was exceptionally pleasant but i felt an intruder in supreme’s uber-hip store. They were arrogant pricks in both LA and NYC

supreme guys were ok with me. DQM dudes completely ignored me. ARC…i felt like i’d walked into the middle of some gang’s meeting room…

I tried to walk into the NYC Supreme store, and was stopped in my tracks by a security guard at the door.

“Line’s up there” I was sternly told, with a finger pointing up the street to a line of people nearly a block long.

Meanwhile, only about 5 or so people were wandering around inside.


that’s pretty standard world wide for days in which new stuff comes out

head to recycle bicycles - on Ave C on the island and on water street in brooklyn (DUMBO area) and buy a bike. you’ll find something for around $100 and it’ll get you around better than hiring one.

or check out craigslist if you can be bothered.

how long are you there for? where are you staying?

I’m going to NYC in July. Keen to hear what you found. And also where you stayed.