I'm no Peugeot expert...

but this looks like it might be a nice one.

Original 5 Speed Hub Gears 1970’s Era Classic Peugeot Touring Road Bike | eBay

Any one else think the forks look a little bent ?

sweet clearances brah

I had a similar Peugeot, clearances should be massive

I had a matching set of 3 of those frames (red, blue and yellow), and the clearance was no where near that tight

It’s most obvious in the non drive side pic in his listing, looking at the relationship of fork to head tube angle.Someones been over the bars methinks.

Yeah, it sure looks that way. I didn’t take too good a look at it before posting, I’ll admit. The frame might still be good and the cranks might be worth a bid.

Bit of a shame really. The fork is very bent and it’s been cannibalised to all hell. It’s one of the better models from that era, most likely a PX10 or one of the PX/PLX/PXE variants.