impressions on handicap start


I was watching cycling central yesterday arvo and noticed something that I thought I’d ask about here.

The coverage of Austral was nice, and reminded me of some of my favourite nights at the track. I noticed in the final that the back marker, who I think the commentator mentioned was being held by ben/josh/brother kersten, got a massive sprint and sling from the start. I guess it was 10+m of running and then a full body sling and I only noticed it because it was in such contrast to everyone else, who maybe go a step or two and a comparatively lame-o sling. The backmarker was onto the wheel in front in about 100m I’d say. It didnt matter much in the end and I assume its legal since there was no mention of it at all, so I was wondering, what are the other holders doing?! And is there a chance that I could become a professional holder? I could hit the gyme, do some plyometrics and we’d dominate! Actually, I bet a discus thrower, with their explosive legs and strong hurling motion would be totally awesome.
Anyway, whats up with that, track lovers?

The last two people who have pushed me have been ace! So good that they almost made me hit the riders wheel in front of me.
Nothing worse than seeing some short skinny guy coming over to push you (this is why I should never have to push someone).

so long as you go after the gun, you’re allowed push as long as you like. the guy you want pushing is an old track sprinter who has let himself go a bit. explosive muscle is still there, plus weight, plus they know where to put you.

fkn rad footage, hey.

Benny k is a fucking animal, he pushes 1800w when he’s hungover.
He’s the man you want to sling you.

He is the new nswis talent/power coach, the austral was his first big meet in the position he also still runs ipro cycling

This !! I spoke with a guy who used to make heavy duty steel stems for him and they were still too noodley. His strength/power is something else. Not surprisingly we have the same initials :wink:

Exhibit at 5:10… fair shove that :slight_smile:
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When I was riding track, we knew which of the A graders would give a good push… I thought the Austral had officals doing teh pushing though.

There were a couple of pushers that werent equally matched with the riders ending up in some crash-related restarts that night.

Good pushers can be a big factor in the juniors.
I try to catch the next kid ahead running before I sling Swuzz jnr off.