Impromptu Meet-ups...

I am a social kind of guy (call me an extrovert if you like) and I have noticed a kind of camaraderie amongst fixie riders that in some cases includes SS/free wheelers and in some cases doesn’t.

I must say that I am liking the opportunities to chat with some of you at traffic lights and the like in the city (mostly on my way home from work) and would like to know how much of this happens in general.

I have only been back on a bike (after a 10+ year absence) so have only just started chatting with ppl in this way.

How many of you will chat with complete strangers at the lights while sucking CO2 from the tin tops? I do… show of hands? Stories? Interesting conversations you’ve had?

Just curious

Early last year had been a bit of a difficult time for me in general terms, and I recall riding from party to party one night on my mountain bike, I saw a guy on a single speed roady conversion pull out in front and ended up chatting to him at the lights, and for the rest of our journey until we went our own directions. It was a bit of a pivotal moment for me, and led to me getting a road bike to convert and then to the fix. It wasn’t about the bike but the people and the whole community of cycling.
I’ve met so many great people directly due to bikes so to get back to your question, I for one certainly chat to strangers at lights, you never know what might come of it.

great way to pick up babes/dudes?

i’m all for it

You certainly never know what may come of it. I’m glad it sounds like you have come out of the slump you were in. :slight_smile: